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A warrior on the Kaurava side. Sudakshina was a king of the Kambojas, mentioned in the Mahābhārata as fighting on the side of the Kauravas and being slain by Arjuna.

On the fourteenth day of battle, Arjuna, with his charioteer Krishna, attempts to reach Jayadratha. Dronacharya and Duryodhana throw warriors in Arjuna's path, trying to impede his progress until sunset. Sudakshina rallies a fleeing Kaurava akshauhini, challenging Arjuna. He throws a spear at Arjuna; the spear connects and Arjuna swoons in his seat, dripping blood. The Kaurava army begins to cheer, thinking Arjuna is dead. However, Arjuna quickly recovers and angrily invokes the Indraastra, which multiplies into many arrows and decimates the Kaurava forces. Sudakshina is beheaded by one of these arrows.

It is later remarked that while Sudakshina was a just and good king, he felt obligated to fight for Duryodhana. In the years preceding the war, Karna had conquered the Kamboja army and Sudakshina had bent the knee to Hastinapur. Despite knowing that the Pandavas had dharma on their side, he raised his banners for Duryodhana.

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