Eastern Spirituality

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In Hinduism, Vamadeva is the name of the preserving aspect of the God Siva, one of five aspects of the universe he embodies. On a panchamukha (five-faced) Sivalingam, Vamadeva appears on the right hand side. This face/aspect of Śiva is considered the peaceful, graceful and poetic one — the lord of the female aspect of it is associated with water.

The Brahman splits into male (Parashiva) and female (Parasakti) and manifests as the universe. The parashiva has five aspects:

  1. Sadyojata — west-aspect that propagates manifest Brahman; associated with Brahma; represents earth.
  2. Vamadeva — north-aspect that sustains manifest Brahman; associated with Vishnu; represents water.
  3. Aghora — south-aspect that rejuvenates manifest Brahman; associated with Rudra; represents fire.
  4. Tatpurusha — east-aspect that reveals; associated with Rishi, Muni, Jnani, yogi; represents air.
  5. Isana — internal-aspect that conceals; associated with all that exist; represents ether(space).

Glossary Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z